Amazon Listed A Laptop For Rs 190 And Then Canceled This User’s Order; Now Has To Pay Compensation

We all look for steal deals on shopping websites, and it looked like this native from the Indian state of Orissa had found exactly that. Back in 2014, law student Supriyo Ranjan Mahapatra came across a new laptop listing on for just Rs 190. Of course, how could anyone give up what looked like a fantastic deal. Also, Mahapatra needed a laptop at the time for educational purposes. However, a few hours after the order was confirmed by, the buyer received an order cancellation update. The Amazon Customer Care Service Department said that they needed to cancel the order because of what they called a price recession issue. Now, the Odisha State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission has directed to pay Rs 40,000 as compensation for mental agony and harassment as well as punitive damages to the buyer and also Rs 5,000 towards cost of litigation.

It is not immediately clear which laptop listing this specifically was, but Bar And Bench notes that the commission took cognizance of the fact that the buyer had to then purchase another laptop worth Rs 22,899 for completing the educational projects, which he claims were delayed as a result. The commission ruled that a laptop with an original reported price of Rs 23,499 was listed for Rs 190 on the shopping website and that meant a promotional discount of Rs 23,309 was applied. The commission also says that in this case “is not only negligent in rendering proper service to the complainant but also involved in unfair trade practice”. The commission holds this as a deficiency in service on part of

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