Centre should deal with Sri Lanka strongly over killing of four India fishermen: S Ramadoss

MADURAI: Accusing the Sri Lankan navy of torturing the four fishermen from Ramanathapuram district, before they were murdered by sinking them in the sea three days ago, PMK founder S Ramadoss said that the act of the neighbouring country should not be treated as an ordinary crime. He said that the government should give due importance to the issue and not deal with it softly.
While media reports claim that the fishermen died when the Lankan navy vessel hit their boat, causing their boat to capsize, the PMK founder said that there are allegations that the men were terribly tortured by inflicting them with burn injuries before they were drowned and killed.
In many instances in the past the Lankan Navy had warned Tamil Nadu fishermen that they would drown and kill them at sea.
Ramadoss said that the Union government is dealing with the issue ‘softly’.
The government at the Centre believes that it has completed its responsibility by condemning the killing through the Indian embassy in Sri Lanka but they need to be taught a lesson for their high handedness, added Ramadoss.
Recalling the arrest of two Italian marines, who fired at Tamil Nadu fishermen off the Kerala coast in February 2012 resulting in the death of two fishermen, Ramadoss said that the killing by the Lankan navy should be treated in a similar manner and the personnel should be arrested.
He said the incident challenges the sovereignty of India. He also said that Sri Lanka should give a compensation of Rs 10 crore for each of the four fishermen families.

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