Sikkim State Lottery Result: Dear Precious Morning Lottery First Prize Winner to Take Home Rs 50 Lakhs

Sikkim Dear Precious Morning lottery result for January 21 will be declared at 11:55 AM on the official Sikkim State Lotteries website, or Lottery Sambad website at One lucky winner of this lottery gets to take home Rs 50 lakhs. If you have to win a prize, then you must report to the state lottery office within 30 days of winning. Make sure you are carrying your January 21 Sikkim Dear Precious Morning lottery ticket with you and a valid photo ID proof to ensure that the verification process happens smoothly. After the verification is done, you will get the prize money.

If you have purchased the ticket, here is how you can check the result for January 21 Sikkim Dear Precious Morning lottery:

Step 1: Open any internet browser of your choice and search for the above-mentioned websites

Step 2: On the homepage, there will be an option that reads ’11:55 am’ click on it

Step 3: In a new window, you will find a pdf download option

Step 4: Download the file and match your ticket number with the numbers mentioned on the document

Step 5: Ifall digits of your ticket match with the winning numbers, then you have won a prize in the lottery

There are a total of six prizes including the Rs 50 Lakh prize that you can win in January 21 Sikkim Dear Precious Morning lottery

  • First Prize: Rs 50 lakhs
  • Second Prize: Rs 9,000
  • Third Prize: Rs 500
  • Fourth Prize: Rs 250
  • Fifth Prize: 120
  • Consolation Prize: Rs 1,000

However, what you must remember is that if the money won is taxable, then the tax will be deducted at the source.

In case you have not been lucky in January 21 lottery, you can try your luck again in a different lottery organised by the state. Daily lotteries are organised through the week by the Sikkim Lottery Department. Each ticket of any of the seven lotteries is priced at Rs 6.

Take a look at the daily lotteries:Monday: Dear Respect MorningTuesday: Dear Admire MorningWednesday: Dear Cherished MorningThursday: Dear Precious MorningFriday: Dear Treasure MorningSaturday: Dear Valuable MorningSunday: Dear Love Morning

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