This Thread on Wildlife Photographers Getting Interrupted by Animals is Blowing up on Twitter

Wildlife photography is quite a popular profession on the internet. Aesthetic pictures of animals in the wild, pretty backgrounds and majestic creatures make for some awe-inspiring sections in magazines and websites. Looking at nature and beauty in those photographs often inspires thousands of others to pick up a camera and run off into the wilderness. However, behind those pretty pictures, is a life of hardship.

Wildlife photographers spend their days and nights in some of the most extreme conditions, waiting to capture the perfect moment of an animal in its truest form. Though, the job is also extremely rewarding and has many funny behind-the-scenes moments.

Photographer Joaquim Campa took to Twitter today to share some of these funny BTS moments. In a tweet thread captioned, “Animals interrupting wildlife photographers,” he shared 28 wonderful images of animals interacting with their photographers. Here are a few of them with the funniest human-animal interactions. The thread has over 7 lakh likes lakhs of retweets.

In this one, photographer Liba Radova is lying down on a field of grass, possibly tracking her next shot. But around her is what looks like a baby mongoose. She bends her head down to kiss the tiny, furry beast.

In the second picture, Radova is again on the ground but this time she has two cute companions. A baby deer is perched on her back while a tiny baby wolf looks at her camera intrigued, while she looks at the wolf adoringly.

The next set is when animals consider humans to be a couch and use them for comfort. In the first picture, photographer Gary Man is lying on the ground as a fox sits atop him, embracing him lovingly. In the second, an un-named photographer is lying flat on the ground as a seal lies comfortably on his back. Another one features a photographer possibly lying in the Serengeti as a baby cheetah sits on his shoulder. He looks oddly comfortable as if he is deliberately posing for the camera.

While the first few images have been adorable in varying degrees, the next one is a little scary. Not all animals want to be photographed or enjoy human encroachment in their territory. This one features a photographer with his back turned to the camera. He is being attacked by a giant eagle as his camera and tripod lay on the ground, possibly thrown away during the tussle.

In the next, a group of men are running away, catching whatever equipment they can grab, as a bear approaches in the background.

Ending the list with moments when animals seem to appreciate the photographer’s efforts and join them in their work.

If that didn’t make your day, we don’t know what will.

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