Breaking: Sikkim announces 8-day lockdown to control COVID-19 surge

New Delhi: The Sikkim government on Friday (May 13) declared a complete lockdown in the state starting from May 17 to May 24 in order to control the surge in COVID-19 cases. 

“There shall be a complete lockdown with effect from 5:00 am of May 17 to 5:00 am of May 24 in the entire state,” the official notification released by the government said. 

All activities/congregations and movement of people, goods and passenger vehicles, including two-wheelers, shall be prohibited/restricted except for the following exceptions: 

1. Movement of people and vehicle including passengers vehicles required for essential goods (milk, food items, vegetables, animal feed, petroleum products medical supplies, LPG) shall be allowed. The police on duty shall seek the guidance of concerned DM, SP or SDM in case they need any clarification in this regard. 

2. All medical shops shall be allowed to remain open. 

3. Milk vending shops will be permitted to remain open from 7:00 am to 11:00 am. 

Movement of people and vehicles required for maintenance of all essential services, for example, hospitals, veterinary services, telecoms, banks, insurance companies, power supply, sanitation and waste management, water supply, urban services, post offices, social security institutions like old age homes etc. 

5. Concerned officials, persons should at all-time carry with them and present for inspection on demand, the deployment letter or valid ID Card to the Police Personnel on duty. Such movement should be confirmed to the normal working hours for such services. 

6. Movement of people and vehicles relating to emergency services, including law and order, fire, relief and rescue, hospitals, wildfire and forest management, COVID-19 management, quarantine centres, testing and vaccination-related activities, Government officials on emergency duty, army and paramilitary forces shall be allowed. 

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